Lost and Found
Welcome to the MonDak Humane Society's Lost and Found Page. Below you will find our list of Lost and Found pets. If you need to report a lost or found a pet, use our Lost & Found Form for complete details. Animals are listed for 90 days. If you would like to extend your listing, please contact us.

If you recognize your pet in the Lost & Found Listing please contact us at 701-577-PETS (7387) or e-mail us MonDak Humane Society and we will give you the information necessary for you to get your pet home again.

Date Posted 3/14/2014
Contact Name Lori
Contact Info 701-641-0375
Details LOST: Mix black and brown/tan 50 pounds 10 yrs still looks like a puppy has been chipped. Pheasant Run area. Contact Lori 701-641-0375
Date Posted 1/28/2014
Contact Name Ruthie
Contact Info 303-842-4783
Details LOST: off of 56th st between CR 105 and CR 109 near Tioga, ND. She may have followed some construction workers near there. Her name is Cassie and she is an Australian Kelpie. She is a medium sized dog, black with brown points. She was wearing a collar. Contact Ruthie 303-842-4783
Date Posted 1/27/2014
Contact Name Jon
Contact Info 415-209-8955
Details FOUND: Drill site 3 miles south of highway 2 o Av. 129. (2) Well mannered dogs. One is an older white male that may have some arthritis, the other is a younger chocolate female. They may have some lab in them. They may be related. They are both very gentle and loving. They have no collars. Contact Jon 415-209-8955
Date Posted 1/27/2014
Contact Name Wendy
Contact Info 701-580-4082
Details LOST: Last seen by the El Rancho on jan 24th at 5pm. Piper is a Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff she is a blue Brendel she is about 7 months old with a blue and black collar. Contact Wendy 701-580-4082
Date Posted 1/24/2014
Contact Name Cheryl
Contact Info 701-770-9014
Details FOUND: 1/23/14 9;35 pm. In the median of highway 2 at the intersection of 1804. Large black male spaniel. Very friendly and well behaved, know commands and is a gentleman. Wearing a new collar but no tags or identification. Really want to get him home to his humans. Contact Cheryl 701-770-9014
Date Posted 1/20/2014
Contact Name Molly
Contact Info 701-770-5757
Details Lost orange tabby cat, around the Wheelock/Ray area. May have been relocated to Williston area as well. Has been missing since approximately September, 2013. !CASH REWARD if found. Orange male tabby cat, answers to Timmy, & likes cheesewiz. Contact Molly at701-770-5757
Date Posted 1/8/2014
Contact Name Paula
Contact Info 406-769-2435
Details FOUND: We found him outside of our house in Bainville, MT and no one in the town knows whos animal it is. and we cannot care for it for we already have one male cat. Male. Adult. Black and white cat. Neutered. Contact Paula 406-769-2435
Date Posted 1/8/2013
Contact Name Deb
Contact Info 572-4276
Details FOUND: on 9th ave west, 400 block. Black lab mix female with a little bit of white on the inside of tail.1-2 years old. Very friendly. Contact Deb 701-572-4276
Date Posted 12/31/2013
Contact Name John
Contact Info 701-580-7896
Details FOUND: Around 3rd ave east. 1-2 yr old, medium sized, red heeler mix. house-trained, very playful, behaved. was found with wrong collar and tag. Contact 701-580-7896
Date Posted 12/31/2013
Contact Name Nicole
Contact Info 307-371-2527
Details LOST: From Chokecherry St., across from Hagan Elementary. Female black lab, about 90lbs. Not wearing a collar. Nicole 1-307-371-2527
Date Posted 12/31/2013
Contact Name Dick
Contact Info 7017708073
Details LOST: Still Missing from 1 mile west of Love's Truck Stop. Last seen November 24, 2013. 3 year old female Chocolate Lab. She has a brown collar with flowers on it, and her name and contact number are on the reverse side of collar. She has a darker patch on her back and is very friendly. Contact Dick at701-770-8073
Date Posted 12/20/2014
Contact Name Julie
Contact Info 701-774-3452
Details FOUND: Beautiful black cat...seems to be 1-2 years old...around 6th Ave area, Williston. Loves attention. Contact Julie 701-774-3452
Date Posted 12/18/2013
Contact Name Britt
Contact Info 701-609-6394
Details LOST: 11mo. Old male Agouti(wolf like appearance) Siberian Husky. Boedi has two blue eyes and is very sweet. Slipped out of his collar Saturday night 12/14/13. He is wearing his other black collar that his tags were not attached to. Please call me if found. His family misses him very much. Contact Britt at 701-609-6394
Date Posted 12/2/2013
Contact Name Ralene
Contact Info raeleneriv@yahoo.com
Details LOST: Between 19th ave.west and sand creek, or 18th ave.west and bison. Male dark siamese hymalayan just got shaved and dental work done on 10-2013, hair grown out by now I'm sure, answers to the name of angel. he talks until you let him outside. not a meow either like rolling letters. i If found plz call me as we miss him very much.he's not the type to stay away from home so long. Contact Raelene atraeleneriv@yahoo.com
Date Posted 11/5/2013
Contact Name Nita
Contact Info 360) 891-0397
Details LOST: off lake-view Drive by 4 mile road, short black an white pit mix... one brown eye one blue.. pink collar goes by Hailey. Contact Nita 360) 891-0397
Date Posted 11/5/2013
Contact Name Pam
Contact Info 701-629-5794
Details LOST: N of Williston by the Red Barn area. May be dragging his chain and leash. Male Rotten mas! Brown/Cinnamon Half English Rottweiler and half mastiff. 11mo old but as big as an adult rot, big lovable meat head. his name is Sampson. Contact Pam 701-629-5794
Date Posted 11/5/2013
Contact Name Steve
Contact Info 541-294-4952
Details LOST: Area of 56th and 134th (county rd 9) by knife river. Female Black and white with little brown on face. English Setter. Neon green collar. Very friendly but shy when not around owners. She was left while on vacation to be watched and haven't seen him or my dog. She has separation anxiety and we want her home. Thank you. Contact Steve 541-294-4952
Date Posted 11/5/2013
Contact Name Corinna
Contact Info 916-880-8893
Details FOUND: By Stallion Oilfied Services, off 85 South. Darker yellow, some sort of mix. Must be under a year old, her name is Mya. Contact Corinna 916-880-8893
Date Posted 11/5/2013
Contact Name Heather
Contact Info 701-651-6580
Details LOST:Lost on 11/2/2013. White and liver German shorthair with blaze orange collar. Comes to the name of Roxie. Heather at 701-651-6580
Date Posted 11/5/2013
Contact Name Matt
Contact Info 701-770-2621
Details LOST: Near The roundabout On 26Th Street Just West Of Town. She Is An Adult Grey Cat With A White Patch On Her Belly.Her Name Is Grey Kitty Or Grey For short. She Has A Pink Collar On. Declawed Front Feet. Call Matt at 701-770-2621
Date Posted 11/5/2013
Contact Name Meghan
Contact Info 701-580-6617
Details FOUND: There is a female bull dog 7 miles south of HWY 85. If you are missing your dog please call Meghan at 701-580-6617
Date Posted 10/22/2013
Contact Name Sarah
Contact Info 831-454-6196
Details LOST: 7 miles east of town off County Our dog Sugar went missing today, 10/21/13. 2 miles south on County Road 9 from 1804 East. She is about 15 lb, white, shih-tsu & poodle mix. She had a tag on when she went missing with my name and number on it. She is 9 years old. Contact Sarah 831-454-6196
Date Posted 10/21/2013
Contact Name Joe
Contact Info 970-405-5387
Details LOST: in Sandcreek trailer park. Orange and white cat.His name is Fluffy and has a black reflective color w/red tag that has a fish skeleton on it all the info on the back is correct. Contact Joe at 970-405-5387
Date Posted 10/1/2013
Contact Name Ellen
Contact Info 701-580-1050
Details LOST: cat around the Pheasant run area in the Sand Creek trailer court. Missing since 9/27/2013. Male tabby cat 3 years old with black stripes and a golden chest. He has his front paws declawed. There will be a REWARD!!!!! Contact Ellen 701-580-1050
Date Posted 10/1/2013
Contact Name Ardell
Contact Info 701-774-9729
Details Los: t at Glenvilla Mobile Park,Williston, ND Sunday night or early Monday morning. He was hanging around me all day and evening as I worked in the yard, thot he was in the house about 10:00 but was no where to be found. Orange, long-haired, long body, Maine Coon cat, weight 15 pounds 4 ounces (just saw the doctor), with white markings on face. Answers to MoJo. Call 701-774-9729 (leave message, if found and/or returned)
Date Posted 10/1/2013
Contact Name Keri
Contact Info 7017704595
Details LOST: Sept 28th a male yorkie about 7 lbs on east part of town came home from minot and he was gone? Yorkie black/tan 7lbs and fixed. Contact Keri at 701-770-4595
Date Posted 9/22/2013
Contact Name Tara
Contact Info 701-609-0801
Details Found: Walmart parking lot in Williston on Saturday night, 09-21-13. Male - black long hair lab retriever- . Contact Tara 701-609-0801
Date Posted 9/23/2013
Contact Name Riana
Contact Info rlh012893@gmail.com
Details Found: She was found in Circle, Montana. She's a smaller breed of dog. Looks like a mixture of Terrier and something. Black and white with wire hair. Comes to the name Oreo. Roughly around 8 months of age. My boyfriend and I would love to keep her but where we are living will not allow her to stay with us. She's supper sweet; great with cats. Needs a little time to warm up to children, but will eventually love them. Contact Riana with any info at rlh012893@gmail.com
Date Posted 9/23/2013
Contact Name Andrea
Contact Info 218-370-9764
Details Lost: Ran away from home on 6th ave w & 4th st w. Yellow lab mix, medium size, white paws, orangish in color, white patch on chest, answers to daisy, green collar? Contact Andrea at 218-370-9764
Date Posted 9/2/2013
Contact Name Tailor
Contact Info 208-631-2995
Details LOST: It's short hair grey tabby cat with a red color that has round metal studs around it, it's about 3 years old if found please contact me right away thank you. Contact Tailor at 208-631-2995
Date Posted 8/30/2013
Contact Name Brian
Contact Info 701-580-0753
Details LOST: In Spring brook area 4 month old female German Shepherd, black body with brown socks and some brown on face. She had a black collar on. Contact Brian 701-580-0753. Reward!
Date Posted 8/7/2013
Contact Name Joe
Contact Info 339-0152 572-2640
Details Lost: Cat last seen at 401 4th ave east tuesday august 6th early morning about 6am. Long haired, white with orange, male, name is rudy. Has a collar and a tag that has his name and a home again tag on it. He isnt much of a outside cat so please help. Joe 339-0152/572-2640
Date Posted 8/7/2013
Contact Name Kristal
Contact Info 360-509-6060
Details Lost: Cimmeron heights development at my address. Black long haired lab. White chest two white red collar part chain. Kristal 360-509-6060
Date Posted 8/2/2013
Contact Name Jodi
Contact Info 701-770-6713
Details LOST: Oliver is a orange and white male neutered cat with an extra toe on each paw. Loves to be outdoors. Please call me if you see him. We really miss him. Very loving cat and very friendly. Contact Jodi 701-770-6713
Date Posted 7/25/2013
Contact Name 509-280-6914
Contact Info Whittnie
Details LOST: Lost the morning of 7/23. He got out in the West Ridge Apartments off of Harvest Hills Ave in Williston Please call if you have seen him! He's a 4 month old black kitten, with a blue collar with a bell and blue nail caps. Contact Whittnie 509-280-6914
Date Posted 7/17/2013
Contact Name Cassie
Contact Info 701-770-4832
Details LOST: 2 miles north of Carolville on county road 9 between 58th and 59th st nw. Female basset hound, brown,black and white in color, wearing a pink camouflage collar. She answers to the name Ella, and is very friendly. Contact Cassie 701-770-4832
Date Posted 7/2/2013
Contact Name Ellaine
Contact Info 701-774-9623
Details Found: east of Williston. Close to landfill, brown horse. Contact Ellaine 701-774-9623
Date Posted 7/2/2013
Contact Name Les
Contact Info 701-770-6668
Details Lost: 14070 49 st. nw williston by stallion oil field. Black lab/german shorthair mix. Les 701-770-6668
Date Posted 7/2/2013
Contact Name 520-369-9142
Contact Info Laci
Details Found: on dakota parkway. Medium sized white female dog. Purple collar. Looks to be husky mix? Very sweet. Has a home retrevial tag but when we called we were told that she was no longer in the system. Please contact asap if you know who she belongs to. Completely white husky looking mix. Purple collar. Female. Very sweet. Contact Laci 520-369-9142
Date Posted 7/2/2013
Contact Name 406-527-3435
Contact Info Mary
Details Lost: Sugar, Toy poodle lost June 24. They live right on hwy 2 so anyone could have taken her. She had on a collar and tags when she went missing. White toy poodle, recent hair cut. Contact Mary 406-527-3435
Date Posted 7/2/2013
Contact Name Ryan
Contact Info 701-651-0699
Details Lost: Last seen at Joes Casing, near Oasis and Spec Tech, off of County Road 7 where the pavement ends in NW Williston! Buddy is a Siberian Husky with grey and white fur. He is around 55 lbs and he is neutered and was wearing a black collar but his tag had fallen off and I hadn't got a replacement yet! He is a very, very smart dog and he always knew where I was as he was always with me which leads me to believe that he was abducted. He is very friendly and very talkative around new people but its not a bark but a howl like sound. If you know anything call or text or email me please, you will be rewarded if you lead me to him! Thanks Ryan 701) 651-0699
Date Posted 6/24/2013
Contact Name Donna
Contact Info 906-396-6728
Details LOST: missing from our shop near the train depot in Williston. Black and white female Border Collie. Wearing a camo colored collar. Contact Donna 906-396-6728
Date Posted 6/24/2013
Contact Name Amanda
Contact Info 701-570-0806
Details LOST: Ace and Peppy were last seen on university ave heading towards Walts market. Peppy is a pug and Ace is a yellow lab. Amanda 701-570-0806
Date Posted 6/24/2013
Contact Name Ty
Contact Info 940-631-7783
Details LOST: Near Walmart. 5 month old male bernese mountain dog named Harvey. He is an indoor door -- has large scar on back of his head. Contact Ty 940-631-7783
Date Posted 6/24/2013
Contact Name RW
Contact Info 701-580-5870
Details LOST: Last seen on Saturday the 22nd of June. 75 pound, golden retriever, with a black collar and dog tags . His name is Rocky . Contact RW 701-580-5870
Date Posted 6/17/2013
Contact Name Bill
Contact Info 701-609-4717
Details LOST: Around Horizon Resources during recent thunderstorms. Yellow Lab mix with white on her chest and face. Has a tumor growing on her back leg that had been removed before. Her name is Sadie and she is 13 years old. We use to live in the country in Kalispell, MT. She is kind of shy, barks only when she wants in the house. She is around 80 pounds. Please Help, Reward... Contact Bill at 701-609-4717
Date Posted 6/17/2013
Contact Name John
Contact Info 574-299-3839
Details LOST: He was in our yard at1902 23rd Street West in Williston. He had a red invisible fence collar on him. Boxer mix, brown with white chest, stub tail and red electric fence collar on. Reward for his return. Contact John 574-299-3839
Date Posted 6/17/2013
Contact Name Kathleen
Contact Info 701-770-2712
Details LOST: Near Lund's Landing/Keys Cove, 25 miles east of Williston on Highway 1804. Lost Wednesday afternoon, Female black lab mix with curly tail and blue collar. Answers to "Gracie." She also has a chip. A very friendly, pleasant dog. Contact Kathleen at 701-770-2712
Date Posted 5/29/2013
Contact Name Joey
Contact Info 701-576-7666
Details Found at Bethel Nursing Home. Found Black cat with small white. We have cat inside please call joey at 864-364-3089, or Bethel homes at 701-576-6766 and ask for Joey.
Date Posted 5/29/2013
Contact Name Garrett
Contact Info 937-260-9164
Details LOST: About 10 miles north of Glendive, two black medium sized dogs, doberman and red retriever mixes; about a year old, one with a red collar and the other with a blue collar. Contact Garrett 937-260-9164
Date Posted 5/7/2013
Contact Name Brandi
Contact Info 604-319-1845
Details LOST: By rickard school area 1st ave E. Male shi-tzu older male has blue collar on with name tag duke but wrong number. Contact Brandi 604-319-1845
Date Posted 4/29/2013
Contact Name Jeremy or Rita
Contact Info 406-650-1351
Details LOST: In the vicinity of our home between Wolf Point, MT & Poplar, MT near Highway 2 & Highway 13, Close to the Cattleman's Cut Restaurant & Bar. 2 year old white male pitbull with one big tan spot over one eye, black nose, was wearing a red nylon color with a green metal California lic/tag. CASH REWARD for info leading to his safe recovery! Call Jeremy or Rika 406-650-1351
Date Posted 4/29/2013
Contact Name Kim
Contact Info 701-570-4198
Details LOST: Around 1528 20th Ave W. Lady was let outside and got underneath the fence. She never came back and we have been unable to find her. She has been missing since last Sunday night. Grey and white shitzhu. Spayed, no collar but she is microchipped. Please call Kim at 701-570-4198
Date Posted 3/18/2013
Contact Name Dawn
Contact Info 701-347-5903
Details FOUND: Near Amenia, ND. 2 female Mixed breed medium sized dogs. One white w/brindle head and tail, one tan and white - possibly a corgi cross. Found 3/13/13. Please contact me for more information, Dawn 701-347-5903
Date Posted 2/27/2013
Contact Name Brian
Contact Info 406-544-7346
Details LOST: At the east end of 58th st nw in Williston. 3 year old black and brown brindle bover mix. He has white on his chest and tips of his toes. His name is Bentley and he loves people, especially kids. Please let me know of any sightings or information. Thank you Contact Brian 406-544-7346
Date Posted 2/27/2013
Contact Name Regan
Contact Info 307-752-3786
Details FOUND: Found behind Sears/Trinity Christian School. Yellow male mixed breed-looks like a labradoodle or possibly a golden doodle. Contact Regan 307-752-3786
Date Posted 2/7/2013
Contact Name Shannon
Contact Info 701-609-7934
Details LOST: Williston ND on 16th ave w. Behind Walmart and next to the airport. He is a Siberian husky. His name is Kayou and is 3 years old. He is very afraid of men but a very sweet dog. He is white and black with amber collar eyes. He has a few spots of brown on him too. He has a blue lupin collar and choker chain on as well. Contact Shannon 701-609-7934
Date Posted 1/31/2013
Contact Name Kassie
Contact Info 208-270-9034
Details LOST: Bainville Montana. Large king. German Shepard black and silver colored with red harness and bark collar. Contact Kassie 208-270-9034
Date Posted 1/28/2013
Contact Name Angie
Contact Info 701-609-1043
Details LOST: Lost in Watford City ND, BUT may have been moved to Sidney MT by unknown person. His ID tags and collar were removed by who ever stole our dog- He is believed to be with a male in his mid 40's or 50's. Please record a plate number if you see this dog in a vehicle so we can report it to the police. LARGE Grey, black and white australian shepherd. He has mostly blue eyes - his right eye has some brown. He will go with anyone and knows a wide range of tricks...including :up up (jump in back of truck), tornado (jump and spin full circle), sit, down, back up, shake, sit pretty (sit up on back legs and beg), rollover, etc- He is not a barker--- Contact Angie 701-609-1043
Date Posted 1/28/2013
Contact Name Ashley
Contact Info 940-465-8925
Details LOST: In Watford City. One year old Red Dachshund, with matching eyes. The end of his tail is bent due to a break. He answers to the name Dakota. He was wearing a red collar. Contact Ashley 940-465-8925
Date Posted 1/17/2013
Contact Name Stacy
Contact Info 701-770-2704
Details LOST: Near Blacktail, Our two hunting dogs took off on Monday 1-15-13 by Blacktail. The one is reddish brown and is a vizsla. She has a scar on her left hip and is wearing an orange collar. The other is white with a black face and markings, a male wirehair. He is also wearing an orange collar and a bark collar. If you have any information please contact Stacy 701-770-2704
Date Posted 1/15/2013
Contact Name Shelby
Contact Info 4067877715
Details LOST: LOST IN BAINVILLE, A FEW MILES FROM ND BORDER. Her name is Anais, she is a lovely mutt, mostly German Shepherd though. I her very much, and I would really love her back, I caatn't think of replacing her. She was lost the weekend after Thanksgiving, 2012. She jumped out of the cab of my grandparents truck. She has a baby blue collar with a heat-shaped red metal tag stating her shots are up-to-date. I havn't gotten around to adding her address tag yet which I regret. She is Brindled (tiger striped) her face is sort of fluffy. and she has Hazle-ish eyes. her tail is skinny, except at the end its fluffy. she has a white patch on her chest, and if you scratch it, she'll love you forever. her ears are scarred (deformed) from blood blisters from a very long while ago. she is just over a year now. I missed her birthday in December, and it makes me sad. I am crying as I write this, because this is all I can do to find her now. please contact me with any info. I need to know, even if she is dead. I need closure, and I need my baby girl back. PLEASE HELP! She could be anywhere around Bainville, Culbertson, or Williston, and anywhere between. Please help me bring my baby home! Contact Shelby 406-787-7715
Date Posted 1/15/2013
Contact Name Mandy
Contact Info 208-660-3360
Details FOUND: Found very sweet female black lab about 1 yr old has a pink collar on. Found on prairie lane near the old schlumberger. Mandy 208-660-3360
Date Posted 1/14/2013
Contact Name Parker
Contact Info 701-651-0196
Details LOST: near 713 16th St. West. American Shorthair, firey orange, stripes, forest green eyes, approx. 2-3 years old, respinds to Rambo. Contact Parker 701-651-0196
Date Posted 1/9/2013
Contact Name Marie
Contact Info 435-590-9459
Details LOST: Around 17th ave W, Williston. Yellow Lab 120lbs green eyes. Camo collar. His name is Jack. Contact Marie 435-590-9459
Date Posted 1/3/2013
Contact Name Naomi
Contact Info 805-218-9751
Details LOST: around 5610 22nd ave west, Williston. Black and white Australian shepherd Sometimes mistaken for heeler because she has a tail she is chiped but no colar on her, She is not used to this climate and will freeze left out side. Contact Naomi at 805-218-9751
Date Posted 1/3/2013
Contact Name Megan
Contact Info 770-7458
Details FOUND: Found north of Spring lake park/ highland heights area. Reverse brindle boxer? Maybe 12 weeks, white markings on lip, front and back left paws. Tail is not docked, no tags no collar. I have a picture. Contact Megan 770-7458
Date Posted 1/2/2013
Contact Name Rodney
Contact Info 701-770-4662
Details LOST: 8 miles w of Williston @ city rd 1. Black and white female border collie had camo collar at time of disappearance. Very friendly dog answers to freckles. Contact Rodney at 770-4662
Date Posted 12/11/2012
Contact Name Sarah
Contact Info 541-350-0031
Details LOST: Pheasant run area. This morning when he chewed thru his leash. Great Dane/sheppard mix. Brown with black on face. He is just a pup but pretty big, tall. His name is oliver but I just got him and he doesn't quite know his name yet. Black collar on, no tags. Contact Sarah 541-350-0031
Date Posted 12/10/2012
Contact Name Ray
Contact Info 218-232-3617
Details Lost: lost my daughters brittney springer she a really good hunting dog we really miss her my daughter thinks that someone has her because she a hunting dog and does not want to give her back please if you have her please return her we miss her very much!! She's about 2 feet tall and is brown and white shes 10 years old and responds to the name lucy lucy the c makes an s sound. Contact Ray 218-232-3617
Date Posted 12/10/2012
Contact Name Patience
Contact Info 701-770-2015
Details Found: In Trenton, black mostly with white on chest chin and two back paws. looks like a black lab mix. female. no collar. Contact Patience 701-770-2015
Date Posted 12/5/2012
Contact Name Julie
Contact Info 605-920-1205
Details LOST: By speedway in Williston. 9 lb daschund black older. Name is lizzi. No collar. Contact Julie 605-920-1205
Date Posted 12/4/2012
Contact Name Seth
Contact Info 701-570-8749
Details LOST: lost north of triveta, was on leash but it broke. 2.5 yr golden retriever, male, name is Sam, blaze orange collar with possible part of leash still on it. Contact Seth 701-570-8749
Date Posted 12/1/2012
Contact Name Rich
Contact Info 701-570-4686
Details LOST: From our home on 619 3rd ave W. Our daschund puppy went missing yesterday. He is 4 months old and brown. PLEASE call if you see him or know of his whereabouts. Contact Rich 701-570-4686
Date Posted 11/2/2012
Contact Name Patience
Contact Info 701-770-2015
Details LOST: In Trenton, a male white tan and brown terrier I think. He apears to have some old injuries, hes an older dog with a limp. His collar has yellow red and blue stripes. Contact Patience at 701-770-2015
Date Posted 10/25/2012
Contact Name Tina
Contact Info 701-770-2281
Details LOST: Last seen Tuesday night near 14th Ave East. Black and white Maltese mix puppy goes by the name Tippy Contact Tina 701-770-2281
Date Posted 10/25/2012
Contact Name Shawn
Contact Info 308-672-0780
Details Lost: She went missing from our home around 2 ave and 6st w. She could have been anywhere in that area. 4 yr old female blue heeler, smaller in size. She still has her tail and white spot on forehead. Contact Shawn 308-672-0780
Date Posted 10/25/2012
Contact Name Sam
Contact Info 907-821-0040
Details LOST: On corner of 51 williston. Gray cat very friendly has longish hair reward offered. Contact Sam 907-821-0040
Date Posted 10/23/2012
Contact Name Sheila
Contact Info 701-770-3441
Details LOST: Last seen on Saturday 10/20/12 in the Painted Woods area west of the Trenton turn off, or 5th Ave East? She is a very small Black and Tan Yorkie she was wearing a pink collar with rhinestones. Reward offered Contact Sheila 701-770-3441 Pic on our facebook page
Date Posted 10/21/2012
Contact Name Tim or Wanda
Contact Info 406-742-3459
Details Lost: She is usually around the yard were we're located in between fairview and Sidney on county road 131by second hay creek. She went missing about two days ago, she's has never wandered far or gone missing before. She is a yellow (female) lab/retriever, her name is (Blondie). She's about three years old. She has a black collar her tags were lost a while back. She was recently spayed, so her scar should be noticeable still. Blondie is a very friendly dog and we love her and would like to have her back. Contact Tim or Wanda 406-742-3459
Date Posted 10/21/2012
Contact Name MDHS
Contact Info 577-7387
Details FOUND: By Gramma Sharon's, black male kitten, maybe 3-4 months old, wearing a blue collar with a bell. Contact MDHS 577-PETS
Date Posted 10/17/2012
Contact Name Gladys
Contact Info 208-993-0642
Details Lost: Buffalo Trails Campground. Oscar is a small adult neutered male Chihuahua/Shih Tzu mix. Blonde shaggy hair. Lost the night of Wed, Oct. 10th. Slipped out of his collar in Buffalo Trails Campground just north of Williston and next to Spring Lake Park. He is a beloved family pet and we miss him so much! please contact me if you have any information. Chihuahua/Shih Tzu mix, blonde-medium length scruffy fur. No Collar. Neutered male. small, under 10lbs. Contact Gladys 208-993-0642
Date Posted 10/17/2012
Contact Name Lisa
Contact Info 970-581-1313
Details Lost: Near 8th Ave W and 11th. We are new to the area and our cat wandered off and I'm afraid she doesn't know the area well enough to find her way back home. She is mostly black with some white on her paws and face. Please call if you've seen her, my kids miss her! Contact Lisa 970-581-1313
Date Posted 10/18/2012
Contact Name Clayton
Contact Info 701-580-1804
Details LOST: Lost at FM Trailer court. Big black half lab/newfoundland, looks like a black retriever. No tags or collar, has had shots, very friendly. Name is Timber, gray markings under chin and on ears. Contact Clayton 701-580-1804
Date Posted 10/17/2012
Contact Name Jessica
Contact Info 701-651-3835
Details Lost: Been missing a couple days from our home. He loves the outdoors but never goes far. He is all white with a gray spot on his head and is about 8 years old. Contact Jessica 701-651-3835
Date Posted 10/17/2012
Contact Name Brody
Contact Info 702-469-7775
Details Lost: 947 energy st. lot 91, Williston. Large Black and white cat. Declawed on all fours. Front paws have 6 toes. Pink nose. Cpontact Brody 702-469-7775
Date Posted 10/8/2012
Contact Name Jim or Holly
Contact Info 701-770-2776
Details FOUND: Found adult dog on 11th St by the Rec Center and Davidson Park area. Collie looks like Lassie. Very friendly and appears to be well cared for adult dog. Contact Jim or Holly 701-770-2776
Date Posted 10/8/2012
Contact Name Jeremy
Contact Info 701-770-0499
Details LOST: North end of university on 42 street, 4 blks east of walmart. Lean male chiuwawa, brown tan and white. No collar. Reward. Contact Jeremy 701-770-0499
Date Posted 10/1/2012
Contact Name Bill
Contact Info 651-900-0491
Details LOST: My son dog went missing from where he works he was last seen heading west from scenic sports. He is a blue heeler mix, very friendly dog. He has a blue thick collar, he is white black mix. My son and Socks are best of friends. They made the journey out to Williston back in March from Minnesota. My son has put out numerous flyers and has walked many miles looking for Socks. Blue heeler mix, wearing thick blue collar. He is white black mix. He does have a micro chip. His name is socks, he is a friendly dog. Contact Bill 651-900-0491
Date Posted 10/1/2012
Contact Name Tracy
Contact Info 572-4048
Details FOUND: On the east side of the Little Muddy River, East of Williston in the Grandview sub division. Black Lab mix with white on his chest, feet and the tip of his tail. He is an un-neutered male with a choker chain with an old Michigan tag. Very friendly. Contact Tracy 572-4048
Date Posted 10/1/2012
Contact Name Kimberlie
Contact Info 701-572-0803
Details FOUND: Found at west cluster. Jack russel brown ears with eye patch white body brown spot near tail speckled snout docked tail goes by the name jack.he is neutered. Contact Kimberlie 701-572-0803
Date Posted 8/29/2012
Contact Name Max
Contact Info 701-339-8977
Details LOST: Our Little dog Lola go out of the fence on Thursday (night of the thunderstorm/hail)She is a Carin Terrier (like Todo from Wizard of Oz). Please pass this message on if you can. If you see her please let me know. Max 701-339-8977
Date Posted 8/29/2012
Contact Name Jill
Contact Info 770-4500
Details LOST: Dapple Gray area northeast Williston. Missing since Thurs. Aug. 23rd Her name is Andi, 10 year old female Yellow Lab wearing nylon collar with oranges, reds, and black. Very friendly. Contact Jill 770-4500
Date Posted 8/27/2012
Contact Name Leah
Contact Info 701-570-5951
Details LOST: Outside cat lost near home around 8/21/12. 13926 51st St NW...North of Lindsey Implement, Williston. Four year old female grey and light orange calico. Her front left leg does not bend and she is extremely friendly. She was bottle fed as a kitten after we found her abandoned in a dumpster. She is a big part of the family and any knowledge of her existance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Contact Leah 701-570-5951
Date Posted 8/21/2012
Contact Name Christy
Contact Info 406-480-2739
Details LOST: Male neutered cat. Has only his front claws. Medium haired all grey cat, about a medium color grey. He is a solid grey with some ligh stripes on his legs and under belly. He has long white wiskers and green eyes. Seems to be a little larger than a normal cat. He is not fond of stragers and has no tags or coller. Hes been missing since August 10th. Really want him home! He goes by the name Bubba. Sidney, MT Contact CHristy 406-480-2739
Date Posted 8/21/2012
Contact Name Bonnie
Contact Info 701-609-1955
Details FOUND: North of Williston. Un fixed male rotwieller cross??? Black with brown points and a white spot in his chest no tags just a choke chain. Was full of porcupine quills. Contact Bonnie 701-609-1955
Date Posted 8/20/2012
Contact Name Nichole
Contact Info 701-426-0464
Details LOST: Please watch for my lost Beagle. She is 2 years old and has been missing since 8/15/12. Her name is Shiloh. We found her collar, now please help bring her home. If you have any info, please call 701-426-0464.
Date Posted 8/14/2012
Contact Name David
Contact Info 701-609-4166
Details LOST: older cat, approximately 20 years old. Goes by Tiger, shaved down, tabby, male. Lost at Airport Inn Contact David at 701-609-4166
Date Posted 8/14/2012
Contact Name Ayla
Contact Info 406-478-9438
Details LOST: Male cat approximately 5yo White with gray and brown has a white diamond shape in back. Sidney area, contact Ayla at 406-478-9438
Date Posted 8/15/2012
Contact Name Ruth
Contact Info 701-580-8061
Details FOUND: By the Bakken Heights Apartments. All black kitten with yellow eyes. Looks approx. 12-14 weeeks old. Contact Ruth 701-580-8061
Date Posted 8/9/2012
Contact Name Tanya
Contact Info 701-570-6078/701-572-7107
Details LOST: Boston terrier, black/white, female, spayed, about 13 years old. Goes by "Bet" , she is hard of hearing/sight. She was lost by football field in Williston. She likes to climb into cars and go for rides. Contact Tanya 701-570-6078
Date Posted 8/10/2012
Contact Name Steve
Contact Info 701-580-5880
Details LOST: Medium sized gray with white, black, golden brown coloring. Her name is KiKi, she has only back claws. She got out of the back yard and we haven't seen her for a week. Please call if you have seen her, she is greatly missed. Contact Steve at 701-580-5880
Date Posted 8/7/2012
Contact Name Ken
Contact Info 701-570-7765
Details LOST: In Williston, Truck parked at Wildcat pizza running for a.c. and he got the electric window down. Either jumped out or was taken. happened sunday at aprox 3p.m. Small sable or tan colored pomeranian. Has a lion cut hair style. His name is Max. Please call Ken if found 701-570-7765.
Date Posted 8/2/2012
Contact Name Walt
Contact Info 208-697-3878
Details LOST: W. Broadway in front of Al Storage. White and Orange no tail, one blue eye other eye half blue has a bad left front leg limps on it name is Max. Contact Walt 208-697-3878
Date Posted 7/31/2012
Contact Name Roni
Contact Info 406-493-2753
Details LOST: On or around June 19th He jump out of the car at Gate City bank. and have looked continue for him. He is 8 yrs old White cockeroo more like a poodle, Male, a collar. Name is Mikey,had just had a hair cut so hes curls were gone, normally very curly. Contact Roni 406-493-2753
Date Posted 7/30/2012
Contact Name Eric
Contact Info 701-580-5443
Details LOST: Got out of put fenced yard on West Broadway the 700th block answers to Dobbie. He is a small, tea cup chihuahua black and white coloring. Please call me asap, Eric 701-580-5443
Date Posted 7/30/2012
Contact Name Zack
Contact Info 701-580-6701
Details LOST: Lost my dog North of williston on county road 6 where the new truck route road is. He has been missing for about 2 weeks. My dog's name his ruger, he is a yellow lab about 8-9 months old. He has a small scare on the left side of his nose. Contact Zsck 701-580-6701
Date Posted 7/30/2012
Contact Name Amanda
Contact Info 701-580-5444
Details LOST: 8th ave West area. Belle its a min pin tea.cup chihuahua she's a golden brown, with a white strip down her chest she had on a purple and black collar. Amanda 701-580-5444
Date Posted 7/30/2012
Contact Name Carolyn
Contact Info 701-570-7172
Details FOUND: Dog found at the wash bay at Halliburton Energy Services - 420 Halliburton Dr. - williston. Black male lab with collar, flea color and choker chain. Contact Carolyn 701-570-7172
Date Posted 7/27/2012
Contact Name Greg
Contact Info 701-694-5849
Details FOUND: I found a boxer on Wednesday evening by the city hall in Grenora. He is a very lovable and friendly Boxer with tiger stripes and a thick black collar. About 1.5 years of age. Contact Greg 701-694-5849
Date Posted 7/27/2012
Contact Name Shannon
Contact Info 208-631-3373
Details LOST: Lost near 29th St west. near the new apartment complexes. Female Shih-Tzu, she is brindle in color, very spunky and friendly, around 5 pounds. Contact Shannon 208-631-3373
Date Posted 7/16/2012
Contact Name Christie
Contact Info 909-605-3690
Details FOUND: Madison Ridge Subdivision (off 140th St. NW, past Western Vet Clinic). Young male YELLOW LAB, not neutered, about 1-2 years old, wearing faded tan camo collar, no tags. Very sweet and easy-going. Contact Christie 909-605-3690
Date Posted 7/14/2012
Contact Name Erin
Contact Info 941-1083
Details FOUND: The "train" park in Sidney, MT. Older (around 9 or 10) chocolate lab, very friendly, was out all day and we thought he was with someone from arts in the park, but then he ended up being there all night. He's safe, just want to find his family :) Contact Erin 941-1083
Date Posted 7/14/2012
Contact Name Eric or Meagan
Contact Info 505-268-0621
Details LOST: South of Haggan school area!!Lucky is an 8 week old male pug/ wiener dog mix. He is tan and white mix. His body is tan with a black ring on his tail. His face is white with tan circles around his eyes. He is very loved by his family!! If u have any information please he is greatly missed!! Contact Eric or Meagan 505-268-0621
Date Posted 7/15/2012
Contact Name Marie
Contact Info 701-570-9432 or 701-572-7427
Details FOUND: Mini Male Doberman Pinscher, found North Williston,NE of Walmart a block or so, not far from Champs bar. Residential neighborhood some RV's and trailer,large open acreage North. Found with leash caught up under truck tire in yard. Mini Doberman Pinscher, standard markings, cut tail, non clipped ears. Red collar with black leash rope attached but broken. NO tags. He has injured back leg/hip will not put weight on it. If your dog call ASAP,will hold but he should see a vet. Contact Marie at 701-570-9432 or 701-572-7427.
Date Posted 7/9/2012
Contact Name Beau
Contact Info 406-489-9814
Details LOST: My house east of Sidney on thiel subdivision. About an 8 month blue nose out bull grey with some white name is kona very friendly just lost him on 6th please help me find this little guy. Contact Beau 406-489-9814
Date Posted 7/9/2012
Contact Name Shawn
Contact Info 406-899-0387
Details FOUND: Male Siberian Husky. Has Green 2011 Rabies Tag from Western Vet in Williston (they don't have the record for it). He has one brown eye and one half blue half brown eye. Contact Shawn 406-899-0387
Date Posted 7/9/2012
Contact Name Amber
Contact Info 435-668-6253
Details FOUND: Found On hwy 5 near turnoff to blacktail dam. Black and white border collie type. Contact 435-668-6253
Date Posted 7/9/2012
Contact Name Tom
Contact Info 509-293-1668
Details LOST: 140 th ave and highway 2/85. Black and white female Boston terrier. Contact Tom 509-293-1668
Date Posted 7/9/2012
Contact Name Erica
Contact Info 406-742-8225
Details FOUND: Found on 7/3/12 across the street from Fairview pool. All black kitty. Contact Erica to claim 406-742-8225
Date Posted 7/5/2012
Contact Name Shawn
Contact Info 406-899-0387
Details FOUND: Found-Male Siberian Husky. Has Green 2011 Rabies Tag from Western Vet in Williston (they don't have the record for it). He has one brown eye and one half blue half brown eye. Contact Shawn 406-899-0387
Date Posted 7/5/2012
Contact Name Becky
Contact Info 701-770-0252
Details LOST: Lost in Williston near Wilkinson school on 18th Ave W. Basset lab cross white with brown spots ears are dark brown to black large recently healed incision to right hip. Black collar. Answers to Charlie. Charlie is a young 12 year old neutered male. Contact Becky 701-770-0252
Date Posted 7/5/2012
Contact Name Amber
Contact Info 435-668-6253
Details FOUND: Found On hwy 5 near turnoff to blacktail dam. Black and white border collie type. Contact 435-668-6253
Date Posted 7/5/2012
Contact Name Tom
Contact Info 509-293-1668
Details LOST: 140 th ave and highway 2/85. Black and white female Boston terrier. Contact Tom 509-293-1668
Date Posted 7/4/2012
Contact Name Samantha
Contact Info 337-384-4507
Details LOST: Possibly taken 2miles from Alexander. Golden husky with black harness looks like a wolf goes by the name Tammy possibly seen a week ago near haliburton please call or txt if spotted!!!! Contact Samantha 337-384-4507
Date Posted 7/4/2012
Contact Name Tanner
Contact Info 801-529-3615
Details LOST: Ran away from yard near fairgrounds. 1 Ave East. Rozzi is a dark chocolate Newfoundland. She's very friendly and will jump and play with anyone. She's about 80-90 lbs. knows basic commands and will sit and lay down. Her head is a slightly lighter color than her body, has a scar under her front left armpit. Very friendly and loving dog. She was wearing a red collar with my info. If found please call Tanner 801-529-3615. Will pay large reward for her safe return!
Date Posted 7/4/2012
Contact Name Augusta
Contact Info 406-439-1940
Details LOST: Springbrook, Female BLue Heeler. Comes to the name Phoebe, 8 years old. She has been a family pet for 7 years last seen in springbrook, reward if found or if accidentally picked up. up to date on shots, has a red collar on, no tags. Contact Augusta 406-439-1940
Date Posted 7/4/2012
Contact Name Karrie
Contact Info 269-744-5999
Details LOST: Approximately 1 mile northwest of the Walmart. Springbrook trailer park. ran off when someone lit off some fireworks approximately 10:30 pm Saturday June 30. Female spayed Australian Shepard, blue merle with copper and white with 2 blue eyes. Contact Karrie 269-744-5999
Date Posted 6/27/2012
Contact Name Kristin
Contact Info 701-570-8545
Details LOST: East of Williston on 132 RD NW Lost since May 18th approximately. Tessa-female, two year old white Pomeranian very shy and nice doesn't growl. Tessa has longish hair. Please help me find her, every day is a struggle not knowing where she is. Contact Kristin 701-570-8545
Date Posted 6/26/2012
Contact Name Raelene
Contact Info 701-774-3759
Details LOST: 19th Ave west & Sand creek. escaped out of there kennel. 2 missing dogs, 1 Black & White answer to the name of Sweet thing, Has a gray & red collar, very friendly. 2nd dog answers to the mame of polar bear, He is Tan with a tan fluffy tail. has a blue collar on with tag. all shots from western vets. Both are very friendly. Contact Raelene 774-3759
Date Posted 6/21/2012
Contact Name Gene
Contact Info 701-859-4134
Details LOST: 13 year old dachshund, brown with greying face. No collar or tags. Lost 3/4 miles south off 1804, 10 miles east of Williston. Contact Gene 701-859-4134
Date Posted 6/19/2012
Contact Name Roni
Contact Info 406-493-2753
Details ~Lost dog~ Jumped out of back of pickup by Gate City bank in Williston N.D White male 9 year old cockapoo. He has a collar but no tags was just clipped and anwers to the name Mikey. If anyone has found him or has seen him please call Ronnie at 406-493-2753.
Date Posted 6/18/2012
Contact Name Cliff
Contact Info 360-621-6400
Details LOST: Epping area. We think she jumped out of our truck when we stopped. near the youth camp. She's tan with black highlights, tail curls up, 14 week old female. 25-30 pounds mixed breed, she's actually a great pyrenees/mastif/husky mix but looks kind of like a shepherd mix. Contact Cliff 360-621-6400
Date Posted 6/18/2012
Contact Name Roger Lee
Contact Info 406-488-6096
Details LOST: In Sidney, MT. Yellow Lab lost near the rairoad tracks on south east side of Sidney, Mt. My 11 year old lost yellow lab is 85 lbs., has white around his mouth and a white patch on his chest. Max is a very kind dog. Contact Roger at 406-488-6096.
Date Posted 6/15/2012
Contact Name Joseph
Contact Info 701-381-9058
Details LOST: Near the andes community school house in Fairview, MT. Jordan is a friendly black lab husky mix he has white markings on his chest and his front feet are white as well. he usually will come if you call then whistle or snap. Contact Joseph 701-381-9058
Date Posted 6/14/2012
Contact Name Andrew
Contact Info 775-530-9881
Details FOUND: Found near Frac Tech Services Main Office. Small dog probably older. Black with a couple white spots. medium long hair. Maybe a shit tzu or something like that? Contact Andrew 775-530-9881
Date Posted 6/12/2012
Contact Name Karan
Contact Info 701-339-8200
Details LOST: Around 1817 5th Ave W # 29. 6 month old male kitten white and gray tabby mix. Contact Karan if seen 701-339-8200
Date Posted 6/11/2012
Contact Name Kristee
Contact Info 406-489-3297
Details LOST: yellow cat has a scab on his cheek and has a fat flab on his stomach, lost in Williston around 8th Ave West area, 2000 block. Contact Kristee 406-489-3297
Date Posted 6/9/2012
Contact Name Kayla
Contact Info 208-659-1619
Details FOUND: 1804 and 22nd ave. by halliburton and Sanjel. Black lab cross male approx 1 year old. Has a white mark on his chest. pink flower color. Very friendly. Walked in this morning. Contact Kayla 208-659-1619
Date Posted 6/9/2012
Contact Name Lanette or Dale
Contact Info 701-572-4098
Details LOST: Toby ran off over by the Lewis and Clark School area. 9 year old Black Lab, w/ graying hair on his face. He is wearing a hunter orange collar with a reflective gray strip in the middle w/ no tags...He answer's to the name Toby. Contact Lanette or Dale 701-572-4098
Date Posted 6/9/2012
Contact Name Shelby
Contact Info 208-946-1979
Details FOUND: found about 2 months ago 3 miles north of Mandaree on highway 22 running alongside highway. Male Shelti/border collie looking approx 2 years old. Contact Shelby 208-946-1979
Date Posted 6/9/2012
Contact Name Arianne
Contact Info 701-570-9239
Details LOST: from 1309 23rd St West. Brown Lab mix with red collar and answers to the name Cocoa. She is very timid but very friendly. Contact Arianne at 701-570-9239 if you find her.
Date Posted 6/9/2012
Contact Name Tom
Contact Info 509-293-1668
Details FOUND: on 140 th ave williston just off highway. Older black lab,with collar no tags. Contact Tom 509-293-1668
Date Posted 6/6/2012
Contact Name Anna
Contact Info 307-259-1001
Details FOUND: 141st Avenue NW. Williston, ND. Male Corgi, no collar, very sweet. Contact Anna 307-259-1001
Date Posted 6/5/2012
Contact Name Jess
Contact Info 406-381-2002
Details LOST: Lost in Trenton. White neutered male, 56lbs, red markings on face and ears, blue collar, name tag with contact numbers, microchipped. Contact Jess 406-381-2002
Date Posted 6/4/2012
Contact Name Lee
Contact Info 701-770-1525
Details LOST: Smaller Chocolate Lab female named JOJO. She is wearing a red boundary collar and was last seen 5/27, she ran off from home, north Williston around A-1 hill. Contact Lee 701-770-1525
Date Posted 6/4/2012
Contact Name Lana
Contact Info 701-770-6805
Details LOST: Lost in Red Barn Area. Small 5 month old puppy. She is mostly white, with black spots. Wearing a black collar. She got out of her kennel. Very active. If you have seen her, please give me a call. Thanks! Mostly white with black patches. She is a springer/heeler mix. 5 months old. Lana 701-770-6805
Date Posted 6/4/2012
Contact Name Briana
Contact Info 763-412-7459
Details LOST: Last seen near Tesoro Gas Station and Travel Center, exit 147. Black cat, yellow-green eyes, slightly torn ears, one ear has no fur on the tip, messy fur with grey-white hairs mixed in. Almost a year old. He is affectionate. Contact Briana 763-412-7459
Date Posted 6/1/2012
Contact Name Sheri
Contact Info 701-770-9546
Details LOST: Gray tiger striped neutered male cat. Smokey is declawed in the front and a little overweight. He loves people and likes to ride around on their shoulders. He is 2 years old. He was last seen at our farm about 10 miles north and 6 miles west of Williston. He likes to get into vehicles so he may have taken a ride. Our kids are heartbroken. Reward offered! Contact Sheri 701-770-9546
Date Posted 6/1/2012
Contact Name Britini
Contact Info 406-939-3771
Details FOUND: Found on 2nd Street and US 2. Found older black lab mix with white on chest.Wearing a blue collar, no tags. Britni 406-939-3771
Date Posted 6/1/2012
Contact Name Rachael
Contact Info 208-215-1787
Details LOST: Lost at DK's Bar by McDonald's in Williston, ND on morning of 6/1/201. Female Pit Bull mix brown with white paws and white on chest. Wearing a red collar. Answers to the name Bell or Bella. Contact Rachael 208-215-1787
Date Posted 6/1/2012
Contact Name Ricardo
Contact Info 701-651-7288
Details LOST: White male shorthair persian, in Williston, University Ave area. Contact Ricardo 701-651-7288
Date Posted 5/29/2012
Contact Name Amanda
Contact Info 701-651-4028
Details LOST: 12 miles East of Williston on highway 1804 just after the Epping sign I crashed my truck around 8 am. I opened the door and she took off. She is a pitbull cross very friendly she is weighs roughly 90 lbs and a seal color pink collar no tags answers to Pearl. She is a little over a year old. Contact Amanda 701-651-4028
Date Posted 5/29/2012
Contact Name Ruth
Contact Info 480-812-5837
Details LOST: near williston nd about 3 to 4 wks ago. Male Rottweiler he is very friendley his name is Kyser he is about 2 yrs old.. If you hear anything please contact me asap.. thank you so much.. Ruth 480-812-5837
Date Posted 5/29/2012
Contact Name Christy
Contact Info 859-5041
Details FOUND: Ray, 20 miles east of Williston, border collie male and large white and tan male, no collars very friendly. Contact Christy 859-5041
Date Posted 5/29/2012
Contact Name Summer
Contact Info 208-477-7371
Details FOUND: Boxer in my yard... collar with no tags. 34 St W Williston, Contact Summer 208-477-7371
Date Posted 5/22/2012
Contact Name Amber
Contact Info 701-770-5748
Details FOUND: Large black lab witha camo collor on. Very well behaved, trained. Found on West Hwy 2 between Hwy 85 and Hwy 1804. Contact Amber 701-770-5748.
Date Posted 5/21/2012
Contact Name Kristin
Contact Info 701-570-8545
Details LOST: 132nd Rd NW,6-7 miles east of Williston on County Rd 9. White female Pomeranian ,however she doesn't really look like a Pom. Small white dog,answers to Tessa Contact Kristin 701-570-8545
Date Posted 5/21/2012
Contact Name Rusti
Contact Info 701-609-1293
Details FOUND: Found 4th ave west. Looks like a brown and light brown chubby cockerspanial with a long beard with a blue and red and little bit of white collar loves to chew on branches found 2 days ago. Contact Rusti 701-609-1293
Date Posted 5/21/2012
Contact Name Tim
Contact Info 701-570-7466
Details FOUND: Found near NAPA auto parts store, on 2nd Ave W. Female MinPin, no collar, black & tan, approximately 10 lbs. Contact Tim 570-7466
Date Posted 5/16/2012
Contact Name Cadie
Contact Info 701-770-7940
Details LOST: Followed a man to target logistic man camp & never came back home. Female English Bulldog. Smaller in size. Tan & white. Had on a black & orange Harley davidson collar. Contact Cadie 701-770-7940
Date Posted 5/15/2012
Contact Name Stacy
Contact Info 701-570-9843
Details LOST: My house in epping. 10yr old german shorthair. Shes a white ticked and patched female who is about 45lbs. She is microchipped. Her nails are very long cause she hates having them done. She is very friendly but cert timid and suvmissive. If any one has seen her please call or give her back to us, shes family. Contact Stacy 701-570-9843
Date Posted 5/7/2012
Contact Name Darla
Contact Info 406-653-1300
Details FOUND: Two Cocker Spaniels were picked-up in Culbertson, MT about 4/19/12, and transported to Wolf Point pound. I heard about them the day they were to be euthinized. I rescued them, but cant keep them! I travel for my job, and have my own dog with me. Male is white and tan, and is neutered. Female is black and white. Both were wearing harnesses. No tags. Great dogs! Contact Darla 406-653-1300
Date Posted 5/7/2012
Contact Name Lane
Contact Info 701-770-3281
Details LOST; Dog was lost at corner of 14th Ave West and 4th street in williston ND. Male dachshund rust color blue collar. Name is Bentley. Contact Lane 701-770-3281
Date Posted 5/6/2012
Contact Name Jerrica
Contact Info 218-252-2913
Details LOST: On 128 5th Street West. LOST/STOLEN Purebred Rottweiler puppy almost 9 months old he was wearing a chain collar with no tags. He is very friendly!! If seen please call! Jerrica 218-252-2913
Date Posted 5/6/2012
Contact Name Jonathan
Contact Info 903-396-6728
Details FOUND: On corner of Main and 8th street. Chocolate lab wearing black collar connected to part of a dog cable. Contact 903-396-6728
Date Posted 4/24/2012
Contact Name Chris
Contact Info 763-807-1036
Details LOST: Sadie was lost in Wildrose ND. Sadie is Husky-German Shepard, she is black and tan..Very friendly and gentle. She is from Minnesota and was visiting her mommy and was let out and was a scared and ran off, we are so very worried.. If you see her let us know..Thanks Contact Chris 763-807-1036
Date Posted 4/24/2012
Contact Name Kim
Contact Info 701-770-4917
Details FOUND: 1600 block of 1st Ave W near Nazarene Church. Small cat, black & gray stripes. Left rear leg is injured. Contact Kim 701-770-4917
Date Posted 4/16/2012
Contact Name Ranell
Contact Info 701-770-9351
Details LOST: A dog.. 15th ave west close to kum n go. A sheiba inu male red and white white curly tail 4 years old camoflauge light green collar no tags. very skittish name is Foxer has blue eyes and one white toenail and the rest are black. very beautiful dog. Registered breeder. Contact Ranell 701-770-9351
Date Posted 4/15/2012
Contact Name Amy
Contact Info 701-842-2683
Details FOUND: 1 block West of the Watford Fire Dept. Tan female puppy with a black nose and small patch of black on her tail. Contact Amy 701-842-2683
Date Posted 4/12/2012
Contact Name Mary
Contact Info 573-692-0350
Details LOST: Last seen at our home. She is a female Mini Pin she is black and has brown spots on her. She was last seen wearing a black collar. Her name is Patience. Contact Mary 573-692-0350
Date Posted 4/9/2012
Contact Name Loren
Contact Info 570-0289
Details LOST: Left home. By the football field and Gloria Dei Church. Cat, Mostly white, with some gray. Kind of long for a cat. And has a bit of a flabby tummy. Pink nose. Paw pads are black and pink. Contact Loren 570-0289
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